IDL Explosives Limited adheres to all the regulatory requirements as prescribed under Explosives Act 1884 and Explosives Rules 2008. Our supplies will be made only to one who is a holder of a license to possess the explosives or the agent of a holder of such license duly authorized by him in writing. All deliveries will be made only against submission of indent in form RE-11 as prescribed
Normally, EXPLOBOND® clad plates for shell and dish heads are flattened to commercial tolerances and are supplied untrimmed with non-bonds along the edges, if any, marked. EXPLOBOND® clad plates are supplied as clad, as heat treated, or when required with the cladding surface ground to 80 grit finish. EXPLOBOND® clad tube plates are flattened to special tolerances and extra thickness is provided for machining, if required.

When desired, we can take up cutting, machining, forming and supply clad tube sheet blanks duly machined, or clad dish heads to your requirements. In special cases, we also offer fabricated equipment involving clad metals. In order to cater to the requirements, we normally carry inventory of some of the widely used cladding metals. We also take up job work of cladding on materials supplied by customers.
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