IDL Explosives Limited adheres to all the regulatory requirements as prescribed under Explosives Act 1884 and Explosives Rules 2008. Our supplies will be made only to one who is a holder of a license to possess the explosives or the agent of a holder of such license duly authorized by him in writing. All deliveries will be made only against submission of indent in form RE-11 as prescribed
Commercial explosives are powerful sources of chemical energy utilized to break rock and minerals for various activities in the development of mankind. IDL Explosives Limited (IDL) offers to the user a full range of explosive products for various types of applications and end use. IDL manufactures both Slurry and Emulsion explosive products and offers its products in packaged and bulk (pumped/augured) forms.

Slurry and Emulsion explosive products manufactured by IDL are devoid of any self-explosive ingredients and hence safe during manufacture, handling, transport, storage and usage. These explosives have excellent bore-hole coupling and result in high loading density in the bore-hole. Good coupling ensures maximum transfer of explosive energy into medium being blasted. They also offer high degree of safety from mechanical impact and friction.

Unlike Nitro-glycerin (NG) based explosives, slurry and emulsion explosives generate very low levels of toxic ‘after-blast’ fumes and become innocuous on long storage and hence very safe. Absence of nitroglycerine in slurry and emulsion explosives eliminate headache to personnel handling the products.

Slurry explosives mainly consist of an oxidizer, a fuel and a sensitizer dispersed in a thickened aqueous medium. The thickener in aqueous medium is cross-linked to form an effective gel matrix to keep the ingredients from segregation and to build some water resistance characteristic into it. Some slurry products contain fine particulate Aluminum as a sensitizer and fuel.

Emulsion explosives are known as the recent generation explosives. Only emulsion explosives are known to possess ‘near- ideal’ detonation characteristics among commercial explosives in use today. They also release energy outputs very near to the theoretical values predicted using thermo chemical calculations using computers.

An Emulsion explosive is a mixture of oxidizer and fuel which are both in liquid form. An emulsifying agent is used to create an intimate mix of oxidizer and fuel. Emulsion products offered by IDL are water-in-oil type where the oxidizer is the water and fuel is the oil. A discontinuous phase of oxidizer is dispersed in a continuous oil phase.

The characteristic feature of Emulsion explosives is that micro-fine droplets of the oxidizer are surrounded by a very thin layer of oil phase. The particle size of the oxidizer droplets are few microns and the fuel layer surrounding each droplet is even less. Typical size of an oxidizer droplet is 0.001 mm and the thickness of the fuel layer surrounding it is 0.0001 mm. Very fine particle size and intimate mix of oxidizer and fuel results in high velocity of detonation (VOD) in the range of 4500-5500 m/sec. Since every droplet of oxidizer is covered by a layer of fuel, the water resistance and sensitivity in cold temperatures of Emulsion explosives is superior to slurry explosives.

Range of packaged explosive products offered by IDL include small diameter cap-sensitive explosive for general use (both slurry and emulsion), small diameter cap-sensitive permitted explosives of P1, P3 and P5 categories for use in underground coal mines (slurry) and large diameter explosives (slurry), both cap-sensitive and booster-sensitive in different strengths for specific use in a wide range of rocks, ores and minerals under various geo-mining conditions. IDL offers high energy packaged booster explosive (emulsion) and specially designed explosive (slurry) in couple-able plastic tubes with accessories for seismic prospecting.

The company also offers emulsion based bulk explosives (pumped/augured) delivered through specially designed Bulk Mixing & Delivery vehicles (pump trucks). The system consists of a facility where ‘non-explosive’ emulsion matrix is manufactured and loaded onto pump trucks which carry other ingredients. At the blasting site, the pump trucks processes the various ingredients and delivers the final product directly into the drill holes through loading hose or auger. All bulk explosive products are booster-sensitive and require to be initiated appropriately.