IDL Explosives Limited adheres to all the regulatory requirements as prescribed under Explosives Act 1884 and Explosives Rules 2008. Our supplies will be made only to one who is a holder of a license to possess the explosives or the agent of a holder of such license duly authorized by him in writing. All deliveries will be made only against submission of indent in form RE-11 as prescribed
Efforts in Related Areas
Explosive Hardening
  • Components / Castings made of austenitic manganese steel such as railway crossings, shovel teeth and jaw crusher plates can be pre-hardened before use to increase their service lives.

Explosive Compaction
  • Ceramic and metal powders can be explosively compacted into rods.

Explosive Tube to Tube Plate Welding
  • Small explosive charges are used to expand / weld tubes to tube plates, even incompatible metals can be welded by this process.

IDLWELD™ System for insitu welding/brazing

IDLWELD™ is a proprietory weld composition developed by IDL for connecting copper conductors (signaling cables) to steel rail. IDLWELD™ works on the principle of thermite reaction. When ignited, the IDLWELD™ composition yields molten copper of a suitable composition on account of the exothermic reaction. The process can also be suitably modified for other allied applications such as welding of earthing elements, welding of cables etc.
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