IDL Explosives Limited adheres to all the regulatory requirements as prescribed under Explosives Act 1884 and Explosives Rules 2008. Our supplies will be made only to one who is a holder of a license to possess the explosives or the agent of a holder of such license duly authorized by him in writing. All deliveries will be made only against submission of indent in form RE-11 as prescribed
Packaged Explosive Products - Large diameter explosives for general use (cap-sensitive & booster-sensitive)
Large diameter explosives for general use (cap-sensitive & booster-sensitive) Small diameter cap-sensitive explosive for general use Small diameter cap-sensitive permitted explosive

IDL manufactures a complete range of Large Diameter Cartridged Explosives for use in opencast mining, quarrying, civil construction, and for large hole stoping in underground metal mines. 

Based on the sensitivity and strength four large diameter cartridged explosive products are available
  • Aquadyne; a medium strength cap-sensitive aluminized gelled slurry explosive
  • Toeblast; a high strength, cap-sensitive, aluminized gelled slurry explosive
  • Supergel; a high strength, aluminized booster-sensitive gelled slurry explosive
  • Energel; a low strength, non-aluminized booster-sensitive gelled slurry explosive
Please review IDL's Large Diameter Cartridged Explosives Brochure for more information