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EXPLOBOND® Structural Transition Joints
A major area of application of explosion bonded transition joints is in structures consisting of dissimilar metals. Structural transition joints may be either flat or tubular joints for effecting permanent, strong, crevice-free and leak proof metallurgical weld between dissimilar metals and alloys. The different areas of applications and most standard products offered are as below.

Ship Building & Ship Repair Yards

  • EXPLOBOND® structural transition joints are composite strips made of Aluminium Magnesium alloy + Aluminium + Steel used in building & repairs of passengers ships, utility ships, naval vessels and offshore constructions.
  • EXPLOBOND® Aluminium + Steel transition joints are also used on ship tankers transporting liquified natural gas. Huge spherical tanks of Aluminium are employed to hold LNG and clad transition joints are used to weld these aluminium spheres in position with the steel tanker body.
  • With increasing use of Aluminium bodies in construction of trucks and buses, Aluminum + Steel transition joints ease the problem of joining the aluminum parts to steel chassis.
  • In most of these vessels, the superstructure is made of aluminium alloys to be joined to the steel hull / body. EXPLOBOND® structural transition joints provide a metallurgically strong crevice free and reliable joint between Aluminium alloy & steel. The Aluminium steel interface is smooth and can be securely protected by paints and is easy to maintain. EXPLOBOND® Aluminium + Steel transition joints are approved by LRS, ABS, IRS and the Indian Navy.

Typical Standard EXPLOBOND® Clad Joints
» Aluminium Magnesium Alloy:(AA 5083 / IS 54300) 6 mm thick
» Aluminium:(AA 1050 / AA 1100 / IS 19500 / IS 19000) 3 mm to 12 mm thick
» Carbon Steel:(Lloyds Grade A / IS 2062 / SA 515 Gr 55 & 60) 19 mm to 25 mm thick

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