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EXPLOBOND® Clad Plates
Clad plates over the years have become the favoured material of construction for equipment with most designers and fabricators. Clad plates offer a cost effective solution even for the most demanding applications. Clad plates have a proven ability to withstand elevated temperature and thermal & pressure cycling. Efficient heat transfer property of clad plates reduces the operating costs. Conventional fabrication methods can be used.

EXPLOBOND® clad plates are generally carbon or alloy steel plates/forgings with a thinner layer of exotic metals which offer resistance to different corrosive environments in diverse industries like chemical, pulp & paper, offshore & petrochemical, petroleum refineries, nuclear, thermal & hydroelectric plants, fertiliser, irrigation, desalination effluent treatment & pollution control plants, etc.

Clad plates are used for components such as heat exchanger tube plates, surface condensers, shell and dished heads for equipments as pressure vessels, columns, evaporators, pulp digesters, absorber towers, pipeline & pipe fittings, separators, hydrocrackers, pen stock expansion joints, radial gates of dams, etc,

TEXPLOBOND® clad plates have been supplied and used by a host of customers as per their requirements and have stood the test of time in various projects / plants for over two decades, All clad plates are ultrasonically tested to international standards such as ASME SA 578. Clad plates are destructively tested as per relevant code of ASME SA 263, 264, 265 and ASTM B 432 under various reputed third party inspection agencies as desired by the customer.

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